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Our latest proposal video - Congratulations to the start of your amazing journey!


One of our latest Same Day Edits!  Love, laughter and a lifetime of happiness.



Congratulations to all #2014newlyweds!



This summer is only just getting started!




What We Offer

Capital Films specializes in two areas: Cinematography & Photography. Our final products are industry leading and of the highest quality.


Bringing stories to life.


Capturing moments that matter.

Your Result

Professional final products.


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Book a consultation at Capital Films today to see what we can do for you.  Through our creative consultation services, you’ll learn more about the particulars about both our Cinematography and Photography packages.

What We Stand For

At Capital Films, we take great pride in what we do.  Regardless of the event, we always strive for two things – creativity and professionalism.  At the end of the day, we want to deliver to you a final product that you will enjoy for years on end.  Moments in time are always fleeting, but if you can capture your special day on film or through photographs, then the memories will live on for a lifetime.  We understand that it’s not simply a matter of point-and-shoot, it’s about telling an amazing story.

Everyone on the Capital Films team is highly qualified and have numerous of years of experience in both cinematography and photography.  We use industry standard equipment, as well as post-processing and editing tools.  Nothing that we do is second-rate, we always strive for the very best.

Lastly, we provide the best of both worlds – we want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your digital event needs at your wedding or special day.  We offer exceptional value when you bundle both of our cinematography and photography packages together.

Just see for yourself.  View our portfolio of work.



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