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Capital Films specializes in two areas: Cinematography & Photography. Our final products are industry leading and of the highest quality.


Bringing stories to life.


Capturing moments that matter.

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Professional final products.

What We Stand For

At Capital Films, we take great pride in what we do.  Regardless of the event, we always strive for two things – creativity and professionalism.  At the end of the day, we want to deliver to you a final product that you will enjoy for years on end.  Moments in time are always fleeting, but if you can capture your special day on film or through photographs, then the memories will live on for a lifetime.  We understand that it’s not simply a matter of point-and-shoot, it’s about telling an amazing story.

Everyone at the Capital Films team is highly qualified and have numerous of years of experience in both cinematography and photography.  We use industry standard equipment, as well as post-processing and editing tools.  Nothing that we do is second-rate, we always strive to be the best at what we do.

Lastly, we provide the best of both worlds – we want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your digital event needs at your wedding or special day.  We offer exceptional value when you bundle both of our cinematography and photography packages together.

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Our cinematography packages provide the most visually stunning viewing experience but won't break the bank to achieve a professional result. We believe in providing the utmost value to all of our clients. Film offers a sense of realism and connection that isn't possible with photography - and we understand that creating an amazing final product takes a lot of skill, experience, and most importantly, creativity. Cinematography requires a high degree of competence and mastery, and all of our cinematographers have been doing this for many, many years. When you book with Capital Films, you will be confident that your final product will be industry leading and of the highest quality - all done with that creative flair.
  • Video Coverage

    Upwards of 15 hours+ of video coverage with 2+ shooters to capture every single angle.

  • Video Highlights & Same Day Edit

    An exceptionally produced Same Day Edit (5 minutes) to showcase your special day & edited highlights of video coverage (30 minutes).

  • BluRay/DVD Quality

    We only provide you with the best quality BluRay or DVD copy of your final product - we spare no expense at our attention to detail. We also include a Motion Graphic menu system and DVD artwork covers.

  • Raw Footage

    Complete raw video coverage of the entire event is always included in every package.

  • Superior Editing & Attention to Detail

    Its the small details that make us exceptional. We color correct and sound level all Highlight Videos or Same Day Edits to ensure the picture quality is absolutely remarkable.

  • Amazing Add-Ons & Pre-Event Coverage

    Crane, Live Feeds, Additional BluRay/DVD Copies, Pre-Event Coverage, Skit, Music Videos, Concept Videos, Destination Weddings are all possible at Capital Films!



Our photographers are definitely one of a kind. And it takes an exceptionally experienced photographer to capture an event with that magical flair. We don't believe in just "taking pictures", we believe in "capturing stories". We work with clients in order to understand their artistic vision, needs, and wants. And we bring our own creative take to offer visually stunning photographs that you will love and remember for years on end. All of our photographers have extensive years of training and experience - we only work with the best. When you book with Capital Films - you will be rest assured on two key elements - we always deliver on creativity and quality.
  • Event Photography Coverage

    Our skilled and creative photographers offer a clean, simple, yet amazing take on event photography. We specialize in everything from wedding photography, to engagement shoots, to all other events both big and small!

  • Superior Editing

    All of your pictures will be meticulously edited via our professional editing suite of programs. We promise that every single picture will be of the highest quality.